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Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik - Two seat versions - DECALS

The new e-publication is supplied with the Update decal set including drawings, inscriptions, emblems and tactical numbers for selected aircraft. Below is the sample of the 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale decals. 

Decals are printed with white on separate sheet and other colours on another one. Please, see the bottom of the page to see how to work with these decals ;-)





Decal options:

1. Il-2 with straight wings  'Alexander Suvorov' - detailed portrait on the tail fin included
2. Il-2 with straight wings 'white 12' (with not so commonly used gunner's hinged canopy) - not available in 1/32
3. Il-2 with straight wings flown by Emelyanenko - not available in 1/32
4. Il-2 with straight wings 'Privet poslantsam Tuvinskogo naroda!' - available in 1/72 only, inscription in correct layout and colour
5. Il-2 with straight wings 'Yaroslavskiy Komsomolets' - not available in 1/32, inscription with correct shape of characters and colour
6. Il-2 with straight wings 'Za chest gvardii! / Za Rodinu!' - correct tail star of irregular shape included

7. Il-2 with arrow wings 'Mstitel' - not available in 1/32

8. Il-2 with arrow wings flown by Parshin

9. Il-2 with arrow wings flown by Pavlov

10. Il-2KR 'red 5'

11. Il-2 with NS-37 'red 8'

12. Il-2 with NS-37 'red 28' - not available in 1/32

Have you not found your desired aircraft or it is not available in your preferred scale? Please, send me an email, I can supply you with the custom decals ;-)

How to work with these decals? Just follow 4 easy steps:

1. Spray 1 - 2 thin layers of clear varnish before dipping into the water. This prevents crumbling of the decals in the water.
2. Cut each figure tightly and carefully from the sheet.

3. Dip into warm water for 10 seconds.

4. Apply white first, then the colour figure.


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