piatok 26. februára 2010

Il-2 Decals Guide

In this issue I have reviewed the 1/72 scale decals. The goal of this Decals Guide is to choose the most accurate decals and match them with the most suitable kit.
Decals Guide for:
- Il-2 "Za Chest Gvardii!/Za Rodinu!"
- Il-2 flown by HSU Pavlov
Reviewed decals:
Authentic Decals, Dako, Toko, Travers, Mastercraft, TI Decals, Zvezda, Eastern Express
Reviewed kits:
Dako, Toko/Zvezda/Eastern Express, Eduard
Special feature:
- Kremlin stars and eagle drawing useful to print your own authentic decals for Il-2 flown by HSU Pavlov.
Format: PDF
Language: English
File size: approx. 1600kB
FREE OF CHARGE!!! available no more
Ask for it at airacut@gmail.com

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