piatok 2. apríla 2010

Profile no.6

Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik: 16.VA over Berlin


Decals Guide 2 and Up-date for MaxiProfile no.5 in one piece.

Following aircrafts are described:
- Il-2 "Mstitel"
- Il-2 "white 12"
It contains:
- 12 photographs,
- Camouflage and marking description,
- Complete colour camouflage schemes,
- 1/72 scale reviews of available kits and decals.
A new available photograph of the "Mstitel" in high quality.
Answers to qeustions about the red propeller spinner and nose.
Language: English
Format: pdf
Size: approx. 4 300kB
FREE OF CHARGE!!! available no more
Ask for a copy at:

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