utorok 6. júla 2010

Mini-PROFILE No. 7

Il-2 - Storm above the snow


Up-date for Maxi Profile No.5 contains:

- 2 photographs and description of the controversial Il-2 armed with 37mm guns,

- Answering the question about its wings (straight or arrow?),

- Colour camouflage and marking scheme based on the available photographs.


1/72 Decals Guide contains:

- reviews for Il-2s in winter camouflage includind Il-2-37 "red 28", Il-2 "Smert Fashistskim Okkupantam!", Il-2s "Yaroslavskiy Komsomolets", Il-2 "Privet Poslantsam Tuvinskogo Naroda!" and Il-2 "Ot Lenochky za papu",

- matching the most suitable kit with the most accurate decals,

- authentic markings for all Il-2s (print your own accurate decals!).


Format: pdf

Size: approx. 6 500KB

Language: English

FREE OF CHARGE!!! available no more


Ask for a copy at airacut@gmail.com

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